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Are you ready to finally have the freedom to move the needle forward on your business?

It’s time to step fully into your visionary role and strategically scale your business.

Your vision is there and it’s meant to impact your audience but you’re overwhelmed with team management, day to day operations, and too tired to do the part of your business that you love - bringing your vision to life.

It’s time to break through the clouds and find your way back to clear skies and greater clarity.

The formula for a CEO ready to scale: Look up not down. Look out not in. Look forward not back. But how do you step out of the forest and take a bird's eye view that’s necessary for growth (and your own joy?)

Look out, not in

The path to scaling comes when you are able to look ahead at your goals and strategically navigate the path to each ‘next’ with confidence. Whether the next is a new course, service, or program -- the truth is, being bogged down by the weight of the internal functions of your business will always hold you back from building out toward your future.

Look up, not down

There is no one in your business that has the intuitive foresight and intimate connection with their audience more than you. You need the freedom (and the confidence) to begin connecting & resourcing your audience in the way only a focused leader can.

Look forward, not back

The danger of looking back is the tendency to engage in fear & which breeds disappointment. The ability to fully let go and thrive as a confident leader comes when you are supported and secure with your operations and path so you can be more excited for the future of your business vs. scared of scarcity.

Welcome to Virtually Connected Solutions

I’m Kate, the strategic partner for high-achieving CEOs and passionate visionaries. I partner with you to be your director of operations for your business and keep your team moving in synergy and alignment with your vision,  strategy and goals. I offer 3 main paths to connect:

Director of Operations

You don’t need another integrator, you need someone to manage your team efficiently and economically to keep everyone connected to and aligned with the vision and objectives you are working towards throughout the year.

Think of me as your eyes, ears, and voice to the team and as a partner and accountability support for you as you commit to the vision and implementation plan laid out for your business.

HR & Hiring Services

You need the right team and you don’t need the extra hours and stress it takes to find, hire, and onboard them. My personalized and tailored HR & Hiring Services creates a clear path and integration for each phase of the hiring process.

Strategic Mapping Model™

During our time together we will focus on 7 core strategic objectives that will create the foundations necessary to scale your business. You need clarity and that comes from a 12-month high-level view of your projects, launches, and action steps needed to achieve the objectives laid out for your business.

Is your vision cloudy and your excitement about your business at a low point?

It’s impossible for you to see the full view of your business when you are wading through the weeds. The truth is, CEOs and visionaries need a high-level partnership. Someone to capture the vision and help you connect the dots. Someone who can strategize, systemize, and optimize for you – while you do the parts of your business that light you up. You need a Director of Operations & strategist like me to pull you out of the weeds and lift you to your place of visibility again!

How we connect the dots within your business...

Open communications

Readily sharing information between people in a transparent, honest, consistent, and dependable way. When team members openly communicate, they express their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and plans clearly and assertively.

Sense of humour

Humour makes it easier to get along with people, communicate more effectively, enjoy work more and understand people better.


Listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal; reciprocity.

Self care

We need to take good care of ourselves before we can productively put out good work and innovate new ideas.

Value talent

By recognizing the value each and every person on the team brings to the table, we help bring out the best in everyone.

Is it time to bring on a strategic partner like a DOO?

Here’s a breakdown of a healthy team structure:

Virtual Assistant (VA): Integrator & implementor of strategy & admin support. Online Business Manager (OBM): Ensures the right things get done at the right time by the right people. Director of Operations (DOO): High-level strategic partner responsible for working directly with the CEO to strategize, organize, optimize, and implement the growth plan for the company while ensuring the CEO is focused on their zone of genius.


What clients are saying…

“Kate’s knowledge, professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, political acumen and insights are exceptional. I would highly recommend her to any business, corporation or government operation who would benefit from her experience, skill set and talents.”

Kevin Riles, board chair
Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia

“I just want to celebrate what a big couple of weeks it has been. We are up and running on Slack. We have a framework started on ClickUp. You are getting to know our team and getting dialed in. Thank you!”

Health Care Industry

“Kate was coordinator to the board for over 14 years and provided a range of administration management, event planning, and board and corporate secretarial services. Her organizational skills would benefit anyone looking to have a helping hand keeping their business running smoothly and I highly recommend!”

Steve Snider, General Manager & CEO
halifax-dartmouth bridge commission

“I want to tell you how impressed I am with the work you are doing. So happy to have you on our team! Thank you for your excellent help!”

Director, coaching industry

the dot spot

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