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Virtually Connected Solutions

A boutique agency for high-achieving CEOs

In the world of online business there is nothing more powerful than creating a plan and practice of connection- – because the internet is a fast-moving machine.

There is something to be said for someone (like YOU) knowing their zone of genius and finally stepping into the right headspace to build a protective barrier around it. And THAT is where Virtually Connected Solutions comes in!

Our zone of genius is keeping busy executives focused on what really matters so you can use the power of the online world to connect with your audience and build powerful and transformational relationships with the space you are called to serve.

The goal of our agency is to provide the highest level of oversight, partnership, and strategy to you and your business so we can finish the year with all of the ‘i’s’  dotted and ‘t’s’ crossed… and every dot connected. As the Owner & CEO, Kate Sullivan has covered all of the basis of support you will need. You’ll find these certifications will be the key to bringing your vision to life.

Hi, I’m Kate!

And I understand you. I’ve worked years in the corporate world supporting C-Level executives and boards of directors. What I know to be true is this: There is nothing more valuable than TIME and FOCUSED ENERGY.

Stepping into the world of online business I knew my degree in human resources management and the countless hours I’ve spent working to become a Certified Director of Operations and Certified Online Business Manager (with a Launch Manager Certification thrown in for good measure!) was the best way for me to truly accomplish what I’ve set out to do:

Partner with high-achievers like you so that you know your operations are running at top-tier and your focus is being best utilized on doing what only you can do -- creating and connecting.

From my office on the east coast of Canada, I enjoy serving clients from all over the globe. I live a simple, quiet lifestyle and it feels most aligned when I’m able to work with powerful CEOs and help them bring their visions and goals to life.

I look forward to connecting and building our partnership!

The values that hold us together

Sense of humour - If we can laugh together we can work together. Humour makes life easier and keeps relationships connected. Communication, laughing, and creating an authentic experience is my way of making work more enjoyable.
Collaboration - Your vision mixed with my strategy and support keeps our partnership and your business in a cycle of evolving and elevating. Bringing support and help through personal strengths and staying connected for the collective goal leads to a relationship of reciprocity.
Self-care - Care of ourselves leads to the best stewardship of business and life. To be the most productive and participator in our work and bringing to life innovative new ideas are birthed from a culture of self-care.
Value talent - Knowing the strengths every person brings to the table and affirming and utilizing those strengths helps bring out the best Value talent - Knowing the strengths every person brings to the table and affirming and utilizing those strengths helps bring out the best in everyone- - and lead to the most impact for business.

Our Mission

Virtually Connected Solutions partners with CEOs and biz owners to deliver strategic planning, operations management, and HR & hiring services in order to provide a framework to more visibility, clarity, and progress to scale their business.

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