Wasting time concept. Alarm clock in trash bin
Save time
Wasting time concept. Alarm clock in trash bin
Save money
Wasting time concept. Alarm clock in trash bin
Be productive

Hiring an OBM means you will be hiring someone who:

  • Has demonstrated their commitment to being an Online Business Manager by making a significant investment of time, money and energy in an accredited Certified Online Business Manager Training Program.
  • Has successfully completed the week long Certification process which involves them working on a series of real projects for real clients.
  • Has taken the Online Business Manager Pledge in dedication to their clients – present and future – and in acknowledgement of their own dedication to the profession.

An Online Business Manager (OBM) provides professional, managerial level support for businesses. While there are similarities between an OBM and a Virtual Assistant (VA), there is also a marked difference. A VA provides general office support, whereas an OBM oversees and manages a wide range of operational processes, freeing up your time so you can use your expertise where it is needed most.

What would freeing up your time & creativity mean to your business?

Getting support in running your online business, managing your team, tech, and projects, creates space again for your creativity & serving your clients in the best possible way, and gives you the opportunity to truly step into your role as a visionary leader, grow your business fast and finally make the impact you are longing for.

It is important to have someone on board that you can TRUST, someone who cares as much about your business as you do. Someone who loves the operations side of online business and is pretty damn good at project management, systems, team building and strategy.

I’m your person.