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Fractional Director of Operations

This is a fantastic question and one I wish more people asked.

A VA is a universal term for someone that joins your team as an implementor, integrator, taskmaster, and helper. These are people you hire more for their hands on than for their strategy. They work SOLEY off of direction from the CEO or designated manager.

An OBM is someone who collaborates with the CEO on direction and delegates, manages, systemizes and optimizes the business. We deliver monthly reports, track data, and pivot at the discretion of the CEO. While there is a level of strategy involved here it is limited and this role is primarily a relationship where the CEO delivers the objectives and the OBM manages all of the elements to bring that to life.

A DOO is an executive-level role that would be defined as a high-level leadership position. This role is a direct strategic partner to the CEO and can be the voice and execution of the vision, support for the CEO, and accountability for both operations and CEO focus.

The best way to determine that is to hop on a consult call with me. But, as a general rule of thumb, you want your business to be earning multi-5 figures and be in a place of growth and scaling that is clearly too much for one person to handle (if they are going to stay in their zone of genius, that is.) Book a consult call here.

Aside from the fact that I get deeply connected and committed to the business AND the CEO, I also bring 20+ years of experience, a university business and HR Degree, an Online Business Management Certification, and a Director of Operations Certification.

I am highly trained and committed to learning, knowing, and implementing the very best strategies to grow your business. 

Along with those certifications, I bring my Launch Certification into my ongoing partnerships to ensure you have the best support & strategy for all levels of your business.

Strategic Mapping

Absolutely not. You are unique and the visions & goals you have for your business are something specific to you and your path. That’s why this intensive is 1:1 and so detailed with all of YOUR core functions, beliefs, and ideas. 

That’s not a problem at all. I have packages designed to help support you in a strategy and/or management role so that we can strategically implement each element of your growth. I can partner with you as a DOO | OBM in a fractional or retainer capacity. We can chat about your ongoing needs and next best steps after our 3rd connection call.

I’ve learned that, while each business is unique, the process to unlocking vision and creating an actionable path forward is most often the same template.

I know you are doing something that is different and necessary… but an operations, marketing, and implementation plan often follow the same pattern. You’re in good hands here.

HR & Team Management

While I can’t speak for everyone, here at Virtually Connected Solutions our mission is to keep you connected to your vision and your team connected to your values. Working with me as a Certified DOO | OBM gives you the freedom to keep moving forward in your zone of genius while allowing a trusted partner to keep your business moving forward in support of your goals. Practically, you save time, energy, and gain confidence in the future of your company. It’s an all-around winning investment.

If you are a CEO & high-achieving visionary and you are in the process of strategically scaling your business– now’s the time for support. Often times my clients don’t realize they should be hiring MUCH sooner than they are. While we work together during the next 4-12 weeks you’ll be able to feel the relief and support that comes from onboarding the right team member without taking your attention away from the areas of focus you need to own.

For my clients, it was all about connection. Knowing that you were not working with someone who is rigid and cold. My clients and I have relationships built on respect, collaboration, and a splash of humor. Human Resources and team management is a very personal area of expertise. I believe the right partner is relational and experienced. Both of those are found here.