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How to strategically scale your business

How to Strategically Scale Your Business

Have you ever felt like your business goals are slipping away from you? Like you know what needs to be done but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Or, do you feel like as a CEO, the juggling act of managing day-to-day operations while still strategizing for the long-term future is too much work? You are absolutely not alone!

I’ve been working with high-achieving CEOs for many years and I’ve learned there is often a mental roadblock that is faced when looking ahead and mapping out a vision.

The solution: The Strategic Mapping Model™.

It’s a strategy that high-achieving CEOs and visionaries use to create an actionable plan of implementation that will help them achieve their goals. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative system and see how it can work for you and your business.

What is the Strategic Mapping Model?

The Strategic Mapping Model™,  is an innovative, trademarked system designed to help high-achieving CEOs and visionaries (like you) brain dump, organize, strategize, and create actionable plans that will help them reach their business goals. With this trademarked model, business owners can identify their current challenges and develop solutions tailored to their specific businesses and industries.

This system helps leaders take control of their businesses by developing a comprehensive strategy for success.

How does the Strategic Mapping Model Work?

The unique thing about the Strategic Mapping Model is its combination of structure and flexibility; it provides both an organized approach to reaching your goals while also allowing for quick wins along the way.

There are 7 foundational strategies that we look at and build on throughout the course of our Strategic Mapping Intensive. These foundations are essential for creating the path to a scalable business:

  • Financial steadiness
  • Visibility
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Client experience
  • Scaling & team growth
  • Services & product creation
  • Growth & development

Each Strategic Mapping session will guide you through a process where you can brainstorm ways to achieve that goal or vision through smaller steps or milestones.

Finally, strategic mapping helps CEOs develop an actionable plan of implementation that takes into account all of the necessary resources (time, money, personnel) needed to make those smaller steps a reality.

Benefits of Using the Strategic Mapping Model

Having a Strategic Mapping Intensive with me using the Strategic Mapping Model puts you back in control of your business by providing a simple yet effective system for achieving your goals.

You’ll have a clear roadmap toward success so that you never feel overwhelmed or lost again when trying to make decisions affecting your company’s future. Additionally, by identifying small steps towards larger objectives, this model guarantees quick wins along the way so that progress can be tracked and celebrated as each milestone is achieved!

Achieving your business goals doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you use The Strategic Mapping Model process &  join me for a Strategic Mapping Intensive, you’ll feel the excitement and relief that comes with having a map for your business growth.

This innovative system provides structure yet flexibility so that high-achieving CEOs and visionaries can reach their desired outcomes without feeling overwhelmed or lost in the process. Strategic mapping creates actionable plans for implementation that incorporate all necessary resources while also providing quick wins along the way so progress can easily be tracked and celebrated!

It’s time to say goodbye to feeling frustrated with no roadmap – start utilizing The Strategic Mapping Model today and book a Strategic Mapping Intensive with me.

Is it time to bring on a strategic partner like a DOO or OBM?

Download this FREE “Am I Ready for a DOO” brochure. The path to growth is laid out in the understanding of the support roles for your business. 

Here’s a breakdown of a healthy team structure:

Virtual Assistant (VA): Integrator & implementor of strategy & admin support.

Online Business Manager (OBM) | Project Manager: Keeps track of projects, team members, systems & process, timeline and deliverables.

Director of Operations (DOO): High-level strategic partner responsible for working directly with the CEO to strategize, organize, optimize, and implement the growth plan for the company while ensuring the CEO is focused on their zone of genius.

To understand how a Certified DOO/OBM can support your specific needs and determine if a strategic partner is your next step towards growth, let’s connect.

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