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Don’t let growing your team be the start of visionary overwhelm.

From recruiting → onboarding

I’ve got you & your peace of mind covered

You know you need to expand your team...

But, you're acutely aware of the time you don't have to walk through the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process.

And you’re facing TWO options:

1. Ignore your intentions of building a company culture and hire fast to just have extra hands to get something off your plate; or

2. Decide to add countless hours to your already overloaded schedule to bring on the right candidate (but lose your dedicated time & focus on visibility and growth goals).

Neither of these are viable options for a CEO looking to scale.

Wouldn’t it be great to stay in your role as CEO & visionary and also have team growth that supports you?

We call that option THREE. And it looks like this…

A partner to steward your vision, values, and mission and build a job description that attracts the ideal candidates

Being confident that the short-list of potential hires is vetted and organized before you are introduced to the candidates

Seeing a hiring workflow brings efficiency to your operations and confidence to you as a CEO

A managed hiring process that keeps you in the role of visionary and your partner (me) in the position of building the right connections

Excitement because you don’t have to compromise on skill & culture within your team

Let me connect the dots for you… option THREE is the only real option.

And I’m here to help you with all of it.

Kate Sullivan

The support you need for growing your team is found in my

HR & Team Management Services

Your vision and my 25+ years of HR & team management experience – working together to grow your business, build your confidence, and save your time as the CEO of your company.

You’ve built your business with a goal in mind and your team is meant to support and accelerate that vision.

Here’s what you’ll get when we partner together:

Not only do you get a bespoke hiring process you gain access to my years of experience and knowledge with human resources and all that goes into properly building a team.

Investment starting at $1,500

Contact me for custom scoping and more information.

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Kate! I am a Certified Director of Operations and Online Business Managerwho loves seeing CEOs living out their role as the visionary of the business.

I’ve been known as the behind-the-scenes force that keeps a company on track and all the dots connected. This is truly my zone of genius.

You have permission to find clarity and freedom in your business (and in that idea-filled mind of yours!) However we connect, I look forward to partnering with you virtually to see you walk with clarity and accountability toward the goals and success you’ve been reaching for.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. You have a friend, support, and partner in me.

I can’t wait to work together!


Results from past clients

“Kate was coordinator to the board for over 14 years and provided a range of administration management, event planning, and corporate secretarial services. Her organizational skills would benefit anyone looking to have a helping hand keeping their business running smoothly and I highly recommend!”

Steve Snider
General Manager & CEO

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