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So… you’re ready to partner together on a monthly basis and you’re here to see what you’re getting with launch management services

Let me break down exactly what it means to have a DOO | OBM that is also a Certified Launch Manager…

You’re a high-achieving visionary which means you have plans to bring impact to your industry. But the process of planning and executing a strategic path to launching your next product or service is daunting.

So your launches have been:

  • Overwhelming
  • Messy
  • Last-minute
  • A fight for conversions
It doesn’t have to be that way!

Imagine what it would be like to...

Have someone that knows the ins & outs of your vision, objectives, and your team, AND that same person is able to plan, strategize, and execute a dream launch for you.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to:

    Know your timeline
    Have strategic check-ins to keep you in the loop
    Be able to focus on creating your offer and connecting with your audience
    Wake up on launch day with confidence and excitement for your sales event

As your Launch Manager, I carry your vision and your goals and build those into each launch we plan for the year.

Because this service is exclusive to ongoing clients I’m able to pack in the best of my skills and resources to get you to the finish line of your strategically mapped-out year.

Here’s what our launch seasons will look like:

A fully mapped out 90-day launch plan built into our project management system

Delegation of all aspects of the launch, from tech to copy & design

Planned check points for us to connect and keep you in full view of the launch prep progress

Oversight on all elements of set-up, design, and tech

QC of each automation, process, and flow to ensure there are no errors

SOP and project management templates for all future launches

Strategy & support for you, the CEO, as you focus on visibility and connection with your audience

Focused launch week support (because launch emotions are REAL!)

Launching is a very personal and pivotal moment for you and your business. You should have a right-hand support partner to help you execute each one with precision and dedication to the overall goals you’ve set.

You have something the world needs. Let’s partner together to plan it out and get it launched!