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Operations Management

Are you ready for a partner to work with you in your business? Working with me is not just delegating and outsourcing. It’s a partnership focused on your business.  

You will be happy knowing this is my area of expertise! From hiring, teams, marketing, strategy and day-to-day-operations, I will do what needs to be done so you can focus on your vision and making your business grow.

  • Centralizing a virtual office
  • Creating and optimizing processes ensuring your business is functioning efficiently
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  • Documenting workflows, tracking all the moving pieces
  • Automating processes to streamline operations
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HR & Team Management

Are you needing to start somewhere but not sure where to go, or do you need a certain set up?

Often times this is where the roadblocks occur. It takes time and energy to manage a team and your time is best spent on the bigger vision. 

Aside from operations management, this is another speciality area where I excel. Having graduated with a degree in Human Resources; and over 20 years interviewing, onboarding & offboarding, I can help you with all your human resource hiring and team management needs.

  • Building a team, team training, managing and tracking the completion of the day-to-day tasks.
  • Recruiting & vetting employees/contractors
  • Leading the team (employees/contractors)
  • Develop employee handbooks, and safety manuals, performance reviews
  • Delegating, hiring, organizing & holding team meetings
  • Policy development
  • Employee health & benefits
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Recruiting & interviewing
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
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Project Management

Are you short of time and need to work on a specific project? I’m here to help you with it. A sound project plan and solid task and team management ensures you get the results you want, on time and on budget.

  • Project plan creation
  • Setup and managing your online project management tool
  • Delegating to team members
  • Working through issues that may arise to find a solution that doesn’t delay the project or task.
  • Communicating status updates and details to team members
  • Following up with team members to make sure items are completed on time
  • Custom projects (pricing dependant on scope/duration)