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Operations Management
Fractional DOO | OBM

The path to scaling your business is found in a strategic partner…

Not in more integrators.

Let me explain…

What if the missing piece to your growing revenue stream wasn’t to bring on another assistant, another project manager, or even another marketing specialist?

What if the missing piece is actually found in a high-level strategic partner that matches your high-achieving visionary energy and created a standard for each team member that brings efficiency and simplicity to YOUR day-to-day operations?

The truth is, YOU need more time to CEO and less time managing.

It’s time for a right-hand woman to manage your vision, team, and growth!

You’ve been intentional with planning, setting goals, and growing. Now it’s time for you to find reprieve in more leadership support, focused strategy, and optimal structure.

That’s found in the support of an

Certified Director of Operations | Online Business Manager™

(fractional or retainer capacity)

Growth needs to happen but that only comes when the CEO gets out of the day-to-day operations so they can bring life to new streams of revenue.

Imagine yourself in this reality:

But what does a DOO | OBM do?



*not an integrator role*

Both roles suit businesses & CEOs to optimize various levels of growth.

What’s included in an ongoing partnership?

  • Complimentary weekly progress reports
  • Weekly connection calls
  • Quarterly check-ins to evaluate & adjust goals
  • Monthly team evaluation & reporting
  • Regular systems audit & updates to increase efficiency
  • Launch support that’s only available to DOO | OBM retainer clients
  • A partnership founded on trust, friendship, and fun

With a DOO by your side you’ll get:

A strategic & high-level mind & an efficient and organized planner to connect with your vision and bring it to life
A leader to level up efficiency and a partner to create streamlined process that bring your goals and objectives into reality
A connections expert that specializes in building the right culture, systems, and operational processes to help the company ecosystem flourish and grow.

To get started, book a call and

we can discuss which partnership is best for you.

Packages start at $1,500/month

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I’m Kate! I am a Certified Director of Operations and Online Business Manager™, lover of simple systems and CEOs living out their role as the visionary of the business.

I’ve been known as the behind-the-scenes force that keeps a company on track and all the dots connected. This is truly my zone of genius.

You have permission to find clarity and freedom in your business (and in that idea-filled mind of yours!) However we connect, I look forward to partnering with you virtually to see you walk with clarity and accountability toward the goals and success you’ve been reaching for.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. You have a friend, support, and partner in me.

I can’t wait to work together!


What others are saying…

“I was grateful to have Kate Sullivan, Virtually Connected Solutions guide me through a strategic operational exercise for my business recently. The process helped integrate my vision into prioritized projects in focus areas that lead to actionable day-to-day intentional activities in the business.

Kate helped me focus on my strategic objectives, in order to set goals and action plans for the next 12 months. I am clear on next steps and know what projects need action to achieve success. Simply put, working with Kate has brought me clarity, direction and a plan to move my business forward. I would highly recommend her for any services that deliver on strategy, operations, HR & team management and project management.”

Maggie Adelman, CEO
Live Life...Integrate your Business

"In going through the Strategic Mapping Model™ operational exercise, Kate Sullivan, Virtually Connected Solutions was amazing at helping me focus on 7 core strategic objectives which were foundational for helping me scale my business. The process provided clarity in tying the objectives into a 12 month plan of day-to-day activities. Both me and my team are clear on what our next steps are and we also know what projects need action to achieve success. The process has changed the trajectory of my business and I highly recommend investing in Kate to deliver on providing an indepth strategic review to help you gain clarity, direction and an action plan."

Sabrine Santos, CEO
Santos Virtual Solutions