OBMs are operations managers, human resource managers, project managers, office managers, online experts , and so much more – all rolled into one. The services listed do not cover absolutely everything we do (that would take forever!) – but it provides an understanding of where we can start.  We can (and do) so much more than the listed tasks, and we’re happy to customize based on your needs. Take a look at our OBM retainers and VIP Days to see what is the right fit for you and your business.

As your in-house OBM, I’ll be working directly in your business, putting in the time and love that will see your projects well managed, your team taken care of and your operations handled with ease. 

With a strategic and management mindset, I’m able to see where we can implement micro (and macro!) improvements to enhance the way your business operates and deliver your projects on time and on budget.

I only take on a select number of OBM retainer clients at any given time to ensure I am able to deliver high quality support and build solid and trusting relationships with each of my clients.