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Ready to take your ideas & goals and turn them into a strategic and actionable plan so you can finally see your vision come to life?

It’s time for a Strategic Mapping Model™ Session

You know you are a multi-passionate visionary but you just have too many ideas to manage and implement
If you could just have a dedicated space and time to braindump all of the gold trapped in the chaos of your mind what could you accomplish?
You don’t have to be a CEO who has an inconsistent cash flow for your business and you CAN step into the position of an action-taker.
It’s what you truly want to be known as: The visionary who did what it takes to plan, implement, and achieve the impact in your space
You just have no idea what to do next
In the dream scenario, you wouldn’t have to juggle the ideation and strategy of your business and the day-to-day demands that are keeping a revenue stream coming in.
But right now, at this moment, you’re a juggler and you’ve got far too many balls in the air.
What you need is a quick win system that is designed to help you brain dump, organize, strategize, and create an actionable plan of implementation.
It feels like, as a CEO you should already have that system and it shouldn’t be this hard.
And it doesn’t have to be…

How would the clarity & growth potential of your business be different if you had:

If these realities are boxes you are dreaming to check-off then you’ve landed on the right page at the right time.

From listening to strategizing- - this carved-out space is designed to simplify and elevate you and your business. It’s my mission to walk with you virtually hand-in-hand through my proven process to give you a Strategic Map forward.

Let me introduce you to

Strategic Mapping Session

My white-glove, down & dirty breakthrough session that is crafted and proven to bring you confidence, clarity, and a strategic plan to get your business positioned to GROW


Is my comprehensive approach to visionary breakthrough that unlocks all of your ideas, brings clarity to your path forward, and a well laid out 365-day plan on what needs to happen in your business and the tools and timeline to implement.

We work together to pull you out of the weeds, break free from what’s holding you back, and start you on a journey of sustainable growth that’s aligned with your definition of success.

The Strategic Mapping Model™

CEO certainty & confidence

As the high-achieving leader of your company it’s vital that you are clear on the long-term vision of your business, the boots-on-the-ground mission that defines how you will accomplish your vision, and the guardrails of your core values that keep you, your team, and your clients in synergy and integrity to the culture of your business.

7 strategic foundations

There are 7 foundational strategies that we look at and build on throughout the course of our Strategic Mapping Model Session.

These foundations are essential for creating the path to a scalable business

  • Financial steadiness
  • Visibility
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Client experience
  • Scaling & team growth
  • Services & product creation
  • Growth & development

Clearly charted path forward

A CEO that is looking ahead is able to clearly see the full path toward successfully accomplishing each year's objectives

During our time together we will map out, in great detail, your quarterly and annual plans.

A specialists organizational touch

My goal is to make it simple for you to see and take action with each objective.

When we end our time together I will have created for you Trello Board for annual, auarterly, and weekly planning.

You need a CEO Hub and this Strategic Mapping Session is designed not only to strategize but organize so you can implement with ease and simplicity.

Here’s how our strategic mapping intensive works

We will connect for 3 x 120 minute sessions over a 1-2 week period

Scheduled based on both of our availabilities

Session 1: CEO deep dive & clarity session

This connection point is designed to solidify and clarify the values, vision, and mission you carry as the leader of your brand and align those pillars with the goals for your business. As we become clear on who you are and how you want to authentically show up in your business and what you are offering we’ll also have space set aside for you to brain-dump all of your ideas with me. We want to touch on everything, the big ideas, scary ideas, unique ideas– this is a fear-free zone full of unlimited creative potential.

Session 2: Objectives & timelines

Our second connection point is crafted to allow you the freedom to unload all of your to-do’s, what’s going on and what you hope to have going on now and in the future. You talk and I listen (and make notes). As we collect all of the information living in your mind I’ll begin to organize and systemize each task and vision into a timeline. This is the beginning of finding the flow and natural current of your business and you as the focused CEO.

→ In the time between our first and second sessions, I will begin to organize all that we’ve discussed and create a clear path forward. This is where your CEO Hub in Trello comes to life. I will begin to build out your timelines and objectives there (and you can feel free to easily transfer everything created in Trello into your own Project Management tool) This is the beginning of finding the flow and natural current of your business and you as the focused CEO.

Session 3: Review & action plan

During our third connection point we’ll go over the strategy & system I’ve developed for you. You can share what feels good to you and we can adjust anything that needs tweaking. From there, we make your quarterly plan clear and finalize the actionable items for you and/or your team to implement This is the beginning of finding the flow and natural current of your business and you as the focused CEO.

Strategic mapping with me is a visionary CEO's dream because…
YOUR only job is to show up
I guide you along, and you do the visioning.

That’s how it’s done.

What others are saying…

“I was grateful to have Kate Sullivan, Virtually Connected Solutions guide me through a strategic operational exercise for my business recently. The process helped integrate my vision into prioritized projects in focus areas that lead to actionable day-to-day intentional activities in the business.

Kate helped me focus on my strategic objectives, in order to set goals and action plans for the next 12 months. I am clear on next steps and know what projects need action to achieve success. Simply put, working with Kate has brought me clarity, direction and a plan to move my business forward. I would highly recommend her for any services that deliver on strategy, operations, HR & team management and project management.”


"In going through the strategic mapping Model™ operational exercise, Kate Sullivan, Virtually Connected Solutions was amazing at helping me focus on 7 core strategic objectives which were foundational for helping me scale my business. The process provided clarity in tying the objectives into a 12 month plan of day-to-day activities. Both me and my team are clear on what our next steps are and we also know what projects need action to achieve success. The process has changed the trajectory of my business and I highly recommend investing in Kate to deliver on providing an indepth strategic review to help you gain clarity, direction and an action plan."


Is a strategic mapping intensive right for you?

To get started with your

Breakthrough planning session using the strategic mapping model

Investment of $1500

A reminder of what’s Included with a strategic mapping Intensive:

- Three (3) x 120 minute 1:1 sessions

- A fully strategized, organized, and timeline one-year plan for your business

- A clear and thorough quarterly plan for fast action

- A personalized Trello Board for annual, quarterly, and weekly planning guidance

- Project planning framework for solo CEOs & small teams

Bonus: Business Hub Trello board

*The $1500 investment does not include ongoing support or implementation of this plan. Ongoing or one-time support plans can be discussed once we wrap up our 3rd session*